Why I chose to study MSc Digital Marketing at Manchester

by | Dec 12, 2023 | AMBS, Postgraduate | 0 comments

Marketing wasn’t always my first choice, I did my Undergraduate degree in journalism and planned to write travel blogs as a career. It was when I took up an internship in creating content for a brand’s social media that I realised how much I enjoyed digital marketing and realised its importance in giving an organisation its brand presence. I understood how purely smart marketing has made so many of the world’s biggest brands and personalities what they are today. So, after about two years of working in the digital marketing space I decided I want to strengthen my academic background in the subject and chose to do MSc Digital Marketing at AMBS.

The University of Manchester was my top choice because it is widely recognised for its distinguished business school and highly regarded for its comprehensive marketing courses. The MSc Digital Marketing programme explores every aspect of the digital world, giving us practical skills in addition to theoretical understanding.

This programme is unique because of its holistic approach. Besides having sessions of theoretical discourse, lectures are enhanced by fun seminars and workshops. With the help of this teaching model, we are able to quickly apply theoretical concepts to practical situations and develop strategic marketing plans for real-world companies. Applying the newly acquired information to actual situations is a rewarding experience.

Moreover, the classroom atmosphere is really fascinating. Engaging with a varied group of international classmates has greatly improved my educational journey. Diverse cultural viewpoints, experiences, and backgrounds collectively create an array of ideas and insights.

I can already see how the programme is changing my perspective in as I journey through it. The modules cover everything from data-driven decision-making to strategic digital marketing. This has given me the information and resources I would require for successfully navigating the complexity of the digital world. Through guest lectures and networking events, the programme has also facilitated industry connections, which helps us better link our academic knowledge to the real world of work.

Looking ahead, my future plans involve leveraging the knowledge gained at The University of Manchester to make a meaningful impact in the online marketing space. After completing my Masters degree at AMBS, I aim to work with some of the biggest brands and create for them noteworthy marketing plans that really create an impact.

In conclusion, my decision to pursue an MSc in Digital Marketing at The University of Manchester has proven to be a transformative step in my career. I am only one semester into the programme and there is so much I have learnt and achieved, it only makes me more enthusiastic and excited for the semesters to come. As I look forward to the opportunities ahead, I am confident that the skills acquired here will not only shape my career but also contribute to the dynamic and ever-evolving world of digital marketing.


Written by Saachi, current MSc Digital Marketing student at AMBS