Hey! I am Adam, and I am a third-year law student. I am originally from Lebanon, but my parents came and settled in London, so you can officially call me a Londoner!

Law is split into two types of learning; lectures and seminars. Lectures are usually two hours with the entire cohort, whilst seminars are fortnightly one-hour classes with 10-15 students, giving you the chance to ask detailed questions and interact with your peers. There are seven modules known as the “Qualifying Law Modules”, meaning they are mandatory for you to take to become a qualified lawyer. These modules include Tort Law, Contract Law, and Land Law.

In regards to my favourite modules, I really enjoyed Miscarriages of Justice. This was a great module that explored the criminal justice system, and its flaws which have led to numerous wrongful convictions. We had guest lecturers coming in every few weeks, detailing their experience with the justice system, and how it has failed them. It was fascinating to listen to these personal experiences, making the module much more engaging and resonant.

I have also been able to explore modules outside of law, one of which is French. Though I am only at the beginner’s level, I have enjoyed being able to explore different subjects whilst learning more about law, as I expand my knowledge in different areas.

As an international student, I was concerned about assimilating into the culture and fitting in with my peers. However, I was fortunate to find that there is an international society that helps bridge the gap that international students must fill when they first come to the country.

Manchester is a lively city that not only feels like a large city but also a cosy one. I never feel lost, nor do I feel that the city is ever too boring. With places such as Deansgate and Didbsury, you will always find some activities on both sides of the city to enjoy.

Within the University, I have been very lucky to find various opportunities for work that are flexible and accommodating to my studies. With the SU JobShop, there are always adverts for jobs specifically catered to students. I am currently a Student Ambassador and IT Assistant at the University, and I have never found it difficult to balance my work, studies, and social life.

It is also very important to find hobbies to ensure one is completely overwhelmed with their studies, which I have been fortunate to find. The seemingly endless number of societies means you are bound to find what you enjoy. Heck, there is even a Garlic Appreciation Society, so you will find absolutely everything here!

A final bit of advice, it may seem worrying that you will not find your groove right when you get to Manchester. This was something I was particularly worried about, coming from a different continent. But I have realised that, no matter how long it takes, you will find your place here, and get the chance to excel!

By Adam Salha, 3rd year LLB Law student.