Hi! I’m Fizzah, currently in my second year pursuing Law LLB with Criminology at The University of Manchester. I’ve previously lived in Manchester, so I knew it was the perfect city for my studies, having experienced its vibrant student life and excellent facilities. Now, as a student here, I have the opportunity to explore accommodations on and off-campus. My current course stood out to me, as the joint honours programme was perfectly tailored towards my divided interests in law and crime. With aspirations for a career in the legal field, I appreciate the chance to delve into a variety of intriguing modules. Manchester’s unique offering of a 2/3 law and 1/3 criminology split set it apart from other institutions. In my first year, I laid the foundations with courses like contract law and crime & society, and now, in my second year, I’m enjoying exploring more optional modules. Among my favourites are land law and commercial law, areas of study that directly connect with the practical world.  

Within Criminology, I enjoy its distinctions to Law. The lectures hold more of an interactive element, compared to law, featuring polls, debates, and engaging discussions that explore the functioning of crime within society. This dynamic learning environment enables intriguing parallels to be drawn between my two areas of study. Being a law student in Manchester has opened doors to unique opportunities, particularly in broadening my legal work experience. I’m currently a pro bono student advisor at the Manchester Legal Advice Centre, working alongside fellow students to assist real clients who may lack access to funding for legal fees. This experience has been incredibly rewarding, bridging the gap between theoretical knowledge and the practical application of law. In addition to this, numerous opportunities are available to enhance your interpersonal skills and broaden your horizons. Law students, for instance, have the opportunity to embark on a year abroad or travel during the summer. Plenty of destinations are available for consideration, making it an enticing prospect for Manchester students. Beyond academics, I’ve discovered a continuous array of events and fairs organized by various societies throughout the year. Whether it’s ice skating or book clubs, these numerous societies consistently offer engaging activities, fostering a strong sense of community at the university.  

In summary, I’d definitely recommend choosing Manchester if you seek a vibrant sense of community. As a law student, I’ve had the privilege of delving into many areas interest, gaining immensely rewarding experiences that have enriched my CV for future opportunities. Whether you’re familiar with Manchester or not, the city offers all sorts of activities, both within and beyond your academic pursuits. 

By Fizzah Ali, BA Law and Criminology student