My name is Hannah Hampson, and I am in my second year studying BSocSc Politics and International Relations. After taking politics as an A-level, my interest in the subject developed, and one of the key things that attracted me to this specific course was the opportunity to learn about both British and international politics. This flexibility has allowed me to explore and refine the aspects of politics I am really interested in.

The first year of my course contained four compulsory modules: Making Sense of Politics, Introduction to International Politics, Introduction to Political Theory and Introduction to Comparative Politics. These four modules provided a foundational level of knowledge across the discipline, particularly for students who hadn’t studied politics before, but also contained scope to explore these topics in further detail. There is one compulsory module in the second year of this course: How to Conduct Politics Research. Being able to choose the other 100 credits from a range of unique modules has meant I can tailor the course to my specific interests and cover topics I feel I did not explore enough in my first year.

One of the aspects of this course I feel has really benefitted me is the option to choose a free choice unit in both first and second year. In my first year I was able to take a BSocSc Sociology module, Global Social Challenges. This really complemented my course, I found there was a lot of intersectionality whilst I also was able to experience different teaching styles and methods of assessment. This year, as a result of really enjoying the previous free choice module I took, I have chosen to study another BSocSc Sociology module, and so in second semester I will be studying the Gender, Sexuality and Culture unit.

I love living in Manchester, it has a huge student community and so many great places to explore. With a range of shops, restaurants and bars, there really is always something to do here. My favourite areas are Northern Quarter, which always has great events and gigs going on. I also really enjoy spending time in Didsbury because it has a very relaxed feel and is so different to the city centre, which I love.

My experience studying politics at the University of Manchester has been great so far, I have met so many interesting people and feel the diversity of modules offered on my course has enriched my learning. The teaching staff have been very responsive to any needs or questions I have, so I feel supported within the university. Manchester’s history makes it a fascinating place to study politics and I have really benefitted from the opportunity to get involved in Manchester’s political scene.

By Hannah Hampson, 2nd Year BA Politics and International Relations Student