Hi, I’m Julie studying BSc Economics at the university of Manchester. Economics is a very broad subject, and the BSc specifically was a good choice for me because of my skills in both business and mathematics. This course is heavily analytical and helped me accumulate a portfolio of hard and soft skills. In first and second year, I had a lot of compulsory modules that pushed me to challenge myself, besides a few optional courses where I could explore more of my passions, like economic history, or perfect my skills in a particular direction, like foundations of finance. Whatever career you are interested in, the BSc course will help you prepare for it. Some of the core modules include microeconomics, macroeconomics, econometrics, and mathematical economics. From these I’ve personally chosen to do advanced microeconomics and advanced macroeconomics in my third year alongside topics that interest me like macro econometrics and topics in Labour economics.  

Throughout the course we would have 1–2-hour lectures per subject and then a tutorial as well or a practical where we can practice these skills. These were extremely useful including the office hours where you can have one-on-ones with the professor or a tutorial leader who can help with any confusion in the subject. I enjoy the structure of the course and the subjects as each year is interlinked and you would rarely take a subject that wouldn’t be able to contribute to the rest of your studies in the future. I also enjoy essay subjects a lot and have chosen Economic History as a 3rd year topic. Having taken history at A-level, I love having the choice to extend my love for the subject into my degree despite taking an analytical degree.  

I thoroughly enjoy my student life in Manchester. From the bustling nightlife in first year and the fact that everyone was extremely welcoming, to finding my own friendship group where we now organise more nights in, like weekly dinners, pot painting and movie nights. I always have a friend that I can study with although I do find myself enjoying my own company more. University has given me a lot of independence and the opportunity to explore my own person through my studies and creatively. I was recently voted as the co-president of the BSc Economics society at the university where the society organises a range of events and I can gain a lot of experience in skills I wouldn’t have learnt with just the degree. I also do this with a lot of friends which makes it a lot easier!  

My one piece of advice to any potential student at the university is to think about the degree and make sure its something you like! I love my degree, and it makes my time at university so much easier. I have had a friend change from BSc Economics to BioChem, but she is doing well because she loves the degree. Don’t be afraid to explore because the university is so supportive! 

Written by Julie Andrew, 2nd year student in BA Economics