The Importance of Wellbeing: How The University of Manchester can support you throughout your studies

by | Jan 22, 2024 | Geography and Global Development, Undergraduate | 0 comments

Student life can certainly be daunting, as you find yourself living and studying more independently than ever. UK Universities emphasise the importance of managing your own time which include balancing lectures and assignments with chores, socialising, and sleeping well. In this blog, I will discuss both support offered by The University of Manchester and my personal self-care strategies as a final year student. 

University Resources: 

  1. Student Support: On the University’s Student Support website, which can be found here, you can find wellbeing tips and support for specific communities. There is a mixture of in-person events, such as mindfulness workshops, and online resources to help with university life. The University also provides counselling and mentoring for those facing particular challenges. 
  2. SEED Student Hub: As a SEED student. The recently opened SEED Student Hub has been a game-changer. Queries and concerns about multiple facets of university life such as modules and transcripts are addressed quickly at their in-person desk.
  3. Extensions and Mitigating Circumstances: The University recognises challenges students may face by offering extensions and mitigating circumstances for assignments. This ensures that unexpected circumstances do not hinder your academic achievements.
  4. Mental Health and Study Peer Mentoring: As a Geography student, I have been trained as a mental health peer mentor and study support mentor to help students adjust to university life. Through my training with Manchester MIND, I was able to both help others and enhance my own understanding of mental wellbeing and coping mechanisms. This fosters a supportive and caring student community. 

Personal Wellbeing Strategies: 

  1. Nutrition: A healthy diet is vital for success. As a student, life can sometimes get quite hectic, so I have realised the importance of preparing meals on quieter days. This way, you will still eat nutritious food even on days when you are particularly tired or busy, preventing reliance on take-outs or fast food. 
  2. Physical Activity: Throughout university, I have been part of the Geography netball team, which has been a financially accessible and sociable way to exercise. This has greatly enhanced my university experience.  This semester, I will also be signing up for a gym to exercise in a safe, dry environment which won’t be affected by the unreliable Manchester weather! 
  3. Establishing Routine: Maintaining a consistent daily routine has been highly beneficial for me. By waking up and going to bed at similar times, I have experienced heightened productivity and much less tiredness. Furthermore, stopping studying at 5-7pm has significantly improved my mood and focus as it has granted me time to socialise and relax in the evenings, and wake up earlier the following morning. 
  4. Social Cooking and Studying: Transforming routine tasks into enjoyable activities has been great for my self-care. Cooking with friends turns a necessity into a social event, making daily chores more exciting, especially since we try a new recipe each week! Similarly, studying with peers has provided a healthy balance between focused work and rejuvenating breaks. 
  5. Reading as a Relaxation Tool: Recently, I have rediscovered my pre-university habit of reading before going to sleep. This has improved my sleep quality and enhanced my mood as I don’t feel I am wasting time online. 


In conclusion, being a university student is about more than studying – it’s about learning how to manage your time and look after yourself. My study abroad year taught me the importance of downtime and, despite the increased workload, I have come into my final year feeling better than ever! By using support offered by the university and adopting healthier habits, you can become more successful in both academic and personal pursuits. 


Written by Hannah, current BSc Geography with International Placement student