Becoming an Architecture Student Ambassador

by | Mar 11, 2024 | Architecture, Planning and Environmental Management, Undergraduate | 0 comments

Hello to those who are reading! My name is Kei, and I am a first-year architecture student studying at The University of Manchester all the way from my home in Malaysia. I applied for the student ambassador role out of curiosity, to try something new and to step out of my comfort zone in university. In addition, to be affiliated with the university and to be provided with a chance to represent my school is quite profound to me as a student. I have experienced being an on-campus ambassador and I must say that it is definitely one of the most memorable memories I made this year.

On-Campus Ambassador Experience

I was given the opportunity to attend the Architecture Offer Holder Day, and on that day, I managed to meet some other fellow ambassadors who were my architecture seniors and on top of that, I made some new friends through this opportunity. On the day, I found myself being a little anxious as it was a position marking the balance of approachability and professionalism. However, all the anxiousness wore off as I met my fellow ambassadors as well as the faculty staff. The faculty staff were extremely helpful and reassuring as they answered and prepared me well for the event.

On the event day, my responsibilities included giving a campus tour and answering questions from prospective students. I greeted the prospective students and parents who joined and did a public Q&A session then proceeded in bringing the prospective students and parents for a mini tour of the campus. What I cherished most from this enriching experience were the candid conversations I had with people. As I was once in their shoes, I truly empathise and share the feelings of nervousness and uncertainty that they have of making such a major commitment to their education. To act as a guide to their decision, made me introspect on how meaningful joining this programme has been as I bridge the gaps between the university and these people through authentic conversations and experience. Being able to answer the questions and offer a sense of belonging and reassurance was so profound, and I realise how lucky home students are to be able to attend the Offer Holder Day. I was not able to do it as an international student.

These dialogues were engaging, and they foster community engagement to connect with those on the journey of higher education. To prepare myself for the Offer Holder Day, I received a lot of assurance and help from the friendly faculty staff members who gave good advice on becoming a good ambassador. These interactions refined my communication and collaborative skills as I liaised with fellow ambassadors and staff members. In conclusion, signing up as a student ambassador is definitely worth the experience and I highly advocate for everyone to sign up, as it is a great and knowledgeable experience to be a part of in my university years.

Written by Kei, current BA Architecture student at The University of Manchester