University Facilities for Postgraduate PPEM Students

by | Mar 8, 2024 | Architecture, Planning and Environmental Management, Postgraduate | 0 comments

I can’t be more than happy to share my experience as a PPEM student at the School of Environment, Education and Development (SEED). Being a postgraduate student doing my MSc in Global Urban Development and Planning at The University of Manchester I am privileged for the opportunity. In the past 6 months since I joined the university, I have been grateful for the facilities and the university resources available to me as a student. It has not only contributed to my academic and personal growth but also my overall learning experience.

Student Support Hub

I would like to start sharing my experience with the Student Support Hub located at the Humanities Bridgeford Street building, on the ground floor. It is a place where I can blindly go with my concerns knowing that they will be heard and addressed. The student hub provides a wide range of information and support related to courses, study spaces, career services, wellbeing, university facilities and other student support. As an international student, it is a point of contact that has always made me feel welcome.

Library and Study Space

The best part of being a student in a prestigious university is the unending resources available in and outside campus. The collection of a wide range of books in the library and study spaces spread all over the campus not only makes it easier for students to access but also convenient. The computer systems in the library help in finding and locating books available in different sections. The online library has a different set of databases that help me access relevant papers and articles for my studies. The library team also provides training and support that includes workshops and programmes which offer a variety of training and skills resources to support study and research. I have personally tried workshops on critical thinking and making academic notes. I have also registered myself for different topics covered under My Learning Essentials and My Research Essentials which have guided me in my academic journey to date.

The study spaces are available for both individual and group studies which can be booked through an online resource booker. Alan Gilbert Learning Commons (AGLC) on the campus is my favourite place to go as it’s open 24 hours; there I can work and study in my own space. If I leave my laptop in my accommodation and some work comes suddenly, I will not worry because I can access the computer system on the campus anytime and the best part is I can also borrow a laptop from these places.

IT Service

I have used the IT services both in the main library and the AGLC building. The team helped me solve problems related to installing software relevant to my course that I needed to have on my laptop. They would assist in getting the software from the server to run it on my laptop and make sure that I can use it without any hindrance.

Career Service

As an international student, I am not very aware of the job market in the UK. The career service located in the University Place guided me in different prospects of the job market in the UK. They also held regular events related to improving CVs and cover letters. The online platform of Career Connect also offers several services related to booking in-person or online career counselling appointments, a list of vacancies on and outside campus, resources to plan my career and pathways that provide learning resources. So far, the pathways have helped me improve my CV, cover letter and prepare for my interviews. The in-person session also helped me in researching and finding relevant jobs.

Before coming to Manchester, I thought being a postgraduate student might be difficult for me to settle in and understand the whole new culture of the university and the country as a whole. But now I realise that all the support and facilities provided by the department and the university have helped me in my personal and academic journey so far. I am loving it so far and looking forward to making the most of the opportunity.

Written by Sweta, current MSc Global Urban Development and Planning at The University of Manchester