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The Manchester Centre for Audiology and Deafness (ManCAD) is a world leader in research and teaching that underpins and delivers improved services in healthcare and education for adults and children with a hearing loss or who are deaf.

We receive funding from UK research councils, industrial partners and charities. The Hearing Health Theme within the £28.5 million NIHR Manchester Biomedical Research Centre has been a catalyst for many national initiatives that are transforming hearing care.

We also have strong links with industry through our Hearing Device Research Centre, the only centre of its kind within the UK.



Sonova preferred centre for research 2019

British Academy of Audiology Team of the Year 2020

£28.5 million NIHR Biomedical Research Centre



Our research

The breadth, depth and number of our internationally recognised hearing scientists differentiates us from other UK hearing research groups.

We collaborate across the University with internationally leading groups in data science, health informatics, radiotherapy and genomics.

Research projects

Our research portfolio covers the life course and spans basic discovery through to clinical applications in:

Research publications

All of our publications from 2016 onwards can be found on the University’s Research Explorer, or you can download a list of publications from 2015 and earlier.


ManCAD has the most extensive portfolio of audiology and deaf education training programmes in the UK.

We host more than 200 students every year across all of our courses.

We are proud to be the home of the UK’s first deaf education programme and honoured to be one of the two government-funded providers of teaching at postgraduate level (MSc in Clinical Science) and the only provider of training at doctoral level (Doctor in Clinical Science).

We also offer continuing professional development courses.


Postgraduate research

We are committed to developing the next generation of hearing health researchers.

We have a strong network of international and UK postgraduate research students with a wide range of experience and skills.

This diverse group plays a key role in the cutting-edge research being undertaken in the group.

Patients and public

Our research is stronger when we include patients in the process.

We involve patient volunteers of all ages; from newborn infants and their families, to elderly people, with and without a hearing problem.

We are also committed to sharing our research with members of the public.

Get involved

Find out about the many ways you can contribute to our research.

Podcast and online journal club

We host monthly educational activities for our students and researchers. We pair a podcast about a current topic of interest in audiology with a journal club at which a paper on the same topic is discussed.


Our podcasts feature short, informative and interesting conversations between a host and a leading scientist or clinician.

Each is 20-30 minutes long and they’re available as an audio file and a transcript.

Online journal club

Our journal clubs are an informal forum for discussing a recent pertinent publication. They consist of a short presentation followed by an interactive discussion of thoughts and ideas arising from the paper.

Journal clubs take place on the third Friday of each month, 1-2pm. Contact Gabrielle Saunders to join:


Our history

ManCAD is built on a proud 100-year history of pioneering work at the University that is still shaping deaf education and audiology today.

More than one hundred years since the first university-based training programme for teachers of the deaf was established here, Manchester is still a world leader in this field.

Discover more by downloading our centenary book by Laura Dawes.

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