Are there any rewards for taking part?

No, you will not be compensated for taking part in this trial. However, we greatly value your involvement, which will help us to improve the management of RA for patients in the future.

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What are the benefits of taking part in the REMORA2 trial?

There are no benefits to you as an individual from taking part in the REMORA2 trial, but you will be supporting research studies to help progress our scientific understanding of digital health, and playing an active role in improving healthcare for future generations.

The trial will look at whether using the app results in:

  • More person-centred consultations with your rheumatology care team, leading to a more active role in your own healthcare decisions.
  • Being better able to organise and self-manage your own health.
  • Improvements to the severity of your RA and your quality of life.

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What are the risks?

There are some minor risks involved in participating in the trial. Daily tracking may cause you to over focus on symptoms, which may negatively affect your mood and/or increase health-related anxiety.

You may also feel anxious about using the new technology, setting up the app or resolving any technical issues.

To help with this, if you have any queries about the REMORA2 trial or you are experiencing any issues please email or call The University of Manchester study team.

Tel: 0161 306 2000

The team are available from Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm, to answer any queries you have.

You can also ask the study team to put you in contact with a member of the REMORA2 patient support group. Patients who are interested or actively taking part in the REMORA2 trial can speak to a member of the Patient and Public Involvement and Engagement (PPIE) group to ask questions about the REMORA2 trial or the app.

All members of the patient support group have RA and are working alongside the study team at The University of Manchester.

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