Previous studies 

Information on REMORA studies that took place before the current REMORA2 study. 


The REMORA smartphone app was designed for the REMORA1 study.  

Twenty patients with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) under the care of consultants at Salford Royal Hospital in Greater Manchester took part in the study. Patients successfully tracked their symptoms using the REMORA app over a three-month period.  

REMORA1 showed that patients liked using the app and clinicians found seeing the tracked symptom data during the clinical consultation useful. This extra information about the patient’s symptoms over time allowed the clinician to see changes in RA symptoms that would otherwise have been missed.  

Although useful, this system was not scalable for use in routine care. 


The REMORA1.5 study was conducted again at Salford Royal Hospital to develop and test the REMORA system, so that it could be scaled up for use across different hospital sites.  

REMORA 1.5 recruited 74 patients with RA, of which 34 patients successfully started tracking their symptoms using the REMORA app for up to 6 months.  

During this phase of the study, REMORA 1.5 also developed supporting materials to help patients with setting up NHS login, downloading the REMORA app and guidance on to how to track their symptoms.