Undergraduate Course Unit Selection

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If you are a new or returning student next academic year 2019/20 you will need  to make your course selections if your programme permits optional choice. We’ve put together some handy information on how to tackle the Student System to help you make your selections! 

What courses can I take?

Firstly – make sure you have your programme structure to hand! you can find a copy of yours on the SALC Student Intranet under ‘My Programme’. Your programme structure details your optional and compulsory/core course units. Compulsory or core course units are non-optional units that your Programme Administrator will automatically enrol you onto. 

How do I find course descriptions?

image of hands on keyboardIf you are unsure which optional course units you want to take or if you want to explore your free choice options, you might want to get to grips with searching for course units through the Course Unit Information Portal.

You’ll need to log into My Manchester first and select ‘My Learning’ scroll down and then add your search criteria including your career and the subject area you are interested in into the ‘Find Course Units’ section. You can click on the results to read more about the courses available. 

You can also ask advice from academic colleagues, including your Academic Advisor or Programme Director or even your PASS/Peer Mentor if you are unsure on what you want to take.

“The semester which a course is taught is identified by the last digit in the course code. For semester one courses, the code will end in 1, for semester two, a number 2 and for full year courses a 0”.

How many courses should I select?

image of scalesApart from compulsory course units, you will need to choose and enrol yourself onto units to make up a total of 120 credits over both semesters. The maximum discrepancy that is permitted it a 70/50 credit spilt between the semesters. This is to ensure that your workload is evenly balanced throughout the year. The credits for each unit correspond to the number of hours study: a 20 credit unit takes 200 hours of study, 10 credits take 100.


When do I make my course selections?

Image of postitIf you are going into your second (third if you are on your residence abroad or placement in your second year) or final year of study you will be able to make your courses selections during July once we have progressed you to your next level after the examination boards. A full breakdown of dates can be found on the SALC Student Intranet along with course opening dates for other courses within the Faculty of Humanities. 

For first year students, you will be able to complete yours as soon as you have registered! 

How do I make my course selections?

Before you start, it’s quicker if you write down the full course codes of everything you wish to enrol on to speed the process up! you should also check timetabling information first to ensure the courses you wish to take don’t clash! You can do this online by visiting:  https://timetabling.manchester.ac.uk/Timetables/PROD/Programmes1920/

Once you know what you want to take you’re ready to make your selections! 

” There are 3 steps to complete a course enrolment. You can see when you have completed each step by the indicator at the top of the page”

Self service instructions 

  • Go to My Manchester and select Tools and then select Student System. 
  • Select Student Center.
  • Select Enrol.
  • Next select the academic year which you wish to enrol (2019/20)

“The Enrol section of the Student Center is where you can add, swap and drop courses. When first in this section, you will be taken, by default to the add tab.”

Ensuring that the Class Search button is selected, next you should search for the course subject and then enter the course code and academic career. By not entering a course code your return will list all courses within the course subject entered.”

  • Select ‘select class’ and then you will be presented with seminar options (if applicable).
  • Select ‘next’ to view and check the lecture and seminar(s) you have selected.
  • Select ‘next’ and then ‘finish enrolling’. You will not be enrolled until you have done this step!

“You should see a green tick if your enrolment has been successful. If an enrolment is unsuccessful, it may be because there is a timetable conflict, you need permission to enrol, the unit is full, or because you do not have one of the pre-requisite courses. 

If you make a mistake, you can swap drop or edit a course enrolment. Using the same process as enrol but selecting swap, drop or edit.”

What if I change my mind? 

Image representing changeIf you change your mind once teaching has started, you can make changes to the course units you have selected up until the second week of teaching of the semester in which the unit is taught. This includes changing from a semester one to a semester two course.  

Please note that at the end of Semester 1 it will not be possible to change from a year-long course unit (those with a code ending in 0) to a new course unit. 


Help and support 

If you are really struggling using Self Service, don’t hesitate to contact your Programme Administrator who will be able to help you! Contact us!