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Stellify is a package of transformative student experiences to help you: 
  • Learn without boundaries 
  • Understand the issues that matter 
  • Make a difference 
  • Step up and lead 
  • Create your future

Whether you are in your first, second of final year, undertaking academic and extracurricular activities will help you stand out, make your mark and make a difference. Sound good? find out more below:

UCIL courses: Learn without boundaries 

Sign up for an academic course unit through the University College for Interdisciplinary Learning (UCIL). Study modules such as: the search for extra terrestrial life, becoming an inspirational individual, from Sherlock Holmes to CSI: a history of forensic science and medicine, understanding mental health or learn a language. For more information see UCIL Flyer.

The Ethical Grand Challenges: Understand the issues that matter 

“Following on from the Sustainability Challenge in your first year, you will have the opportunity to explore Social Justice in your second year and then Workplace Ethics in your third and final years.To make the Ethical Grand Challenges count towards The Stellify Award you need to complete all 3 challenges, one in each year of study.” 

Year 1: The challenge takes place on day 2 of Welcome Week and is a 2.5 hour group exercise. If you miss the Sustainability Challenge please contact 



Year 2: The challenge is an online activity which you access via Blackboard. It takes about 50 minutes to complete. You can complete the challenge at any point in your second year and you don’t have to complete it all in one go. 


Year 3: You will have the option of attending one or a range of 2.5 hour interdisciplinary workshops, offered throughout the academic year. Alternatively you can complete a more general, cross sector, online Workplace Ethics Challenge.


Volunteering : Make a difference 

You’ll find a huge range of volunteering and outreach opportunities for you to get involved in here. Develop new skills, confidence and talents through philanthropic work, and discover what you’re capable of contributing to the world.

  • Student Volunteering – thousands of volunteering opportunities and ideas for Manchester students, from educational outreach to charity and fundraising work within Manchester, across the UK and overseas

Student Representation, Peer Support, : Step up and lead 

Challenge yourself. Try your hand at student representation, entrepreneurship, project management, public speaking – you might be surprised by what you can achieve.

  • Students’ Union elections – your chance to campaign for roles in our Students’ Union and the National Union of Students
  • Student societies – the UK’s biggest SU has hundreds of societies with varied positions of responsibility in which you could test and develop your leadership skills
  • Student Reps – if you would like to become a Student Representative contact us or your Programme Director
  • Residents’ Association elections – if you’re living in student halls, nominate yourself for a role in your Residents’ Association or Junior Common Room

Careers Service : Create your future 

Whether you have a clear vision of your future or not, you’ll discover plenty of chances to explore your options, gain skills and experience, make informed decisions and set realistic goals while you’re here. We offer some of the UK’s best student career development opportunities, illuminating your path to new adventures. Visit the Careers Webpage.

“The aim of Stellify is to inspire students, after considering a range of issues, to  make a difference to the local and global community.”

Find out more about Stellify by visiting the University of Manchester Stellify webpage.