Top ten tips for enjoying Welcome Week

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“Your first week at university will be one of the most exciting of your life. However, it can also be a little overwhelming. With Welcome Week 2019 just around the corner, I have compiled a list of my top ten tips for making the most of your first week at university.”

Student Intern, Francesca Berry


Tip 1: Go to the Freshers Fair

During Welcome Week make sure you go to the ‘freshers fair’. Here, you get a chance to browse all the different societies and ask the captains any questions you might have. From this you can narrow down which societies you might be interested in joining. Also, there are plenty of freebies, including pizza! You can find out more on the Students’ Union web page.



Tip 2: Check out UoM Sport

“The best decision I made during my Welcome Week was to join the history netball team.” This was a great way to make friends on my course. Every week we would train together and then play a match. The captain would also organise some fun socials throughout the year. Another benefit of joining history netball was that I made friends who did history in older years. They were able to give me great advice for my future at the university and beyond. See the Students’ Union society web page or UoM Sport for more information. 


Tip 3: Join a society 

Make sure you join a society outside of your course. This is the easiest way to make more friends at university, as I have found out by joining the cheerleading team. All university sport teams have a social every Wednesday night at AU, with a different fancy dress theme each week. As well as the social side, cheerleading has been a great way for me to keep fit and given me the opportunity to perform in competitions with my team. I was a beginner, so don’t be afraid to try something new! See the  Students’ Union societies web page for more information. 


Tip 4: Stay active

It is really important in Welcome Week and beyond that you stay active for your physical and mental health. You can do this by joining a gym, through a society or by getting involved with Sporticipate. Sporticipate is run by the university and offers a variety of beginner-level free sessions throughout the week, such as dodgeball and yoga. See the Uom Sport web page under Sporticipate.


Tip 5: Explore your campus

Make sure you go to all the activities planned for you during Welcome Week. It gives you an opportunity to explore and familiarise yourself with the university campus, as well as receive all important course information. This will make the following week of academic teaching much less daunting. Also, by attending all the welcome events you get the chance to meet some of your future course mates. 


Tip 6: Keep in the know

It is a good idea to join, like or follow all the relevant social media groups for your course and the university in general. This is a really easy way of keeping up to date with everything which is happening and will mean you don’t miss out on any of the great opportunities this university has to offer.


Tip 7: Network

Even though it is daunting, force yourself during Welcome Week out of your comfort zone and introduce yourself to lots of people. When you move into your new halls or flat do not lock yourself away in your room. Everyone is in the same situation and will be pleased if you make the effort to get to know them. See the UoM welcome site for tips on how to meet people.


Tip 8: Respect

Whether you get on with you flatmates or not, avoid being a nightmare to live with. Do your washing and don’t make an excessive amount of noise. If you respect your flatmates, they will respect you too. This will ensure you have a happy living environment. If you have any issues regarding your flat, take them to your ResLife Advisor (found in your halls). See the Accommodation web page for more information. 


Tip 9: Set a budget 

Try and create a weekly budget for yourself. When your loan first comes in, it looks like a lot of money. However, your loan won’t stretch as far as you think. There are many expenses which need to be accounted for such as rent, a bus pass, society fees and more. Many freshers make the mistake of overspending during their first month at university and then are left struggling through till Christmas. See the Student Support web page for tips on budgeting. 


Tip 10: Stay safe 

Going to university comes with a new level of individual responsibility with regards to safety and security. Manchester is a huge city and so students need to take extra care on nights out to avoid trouble. Always stick with your friends on nights out, as there is safety in numbers. Furthermore, do not walk home alone at night. When in your accommodation, lock your bedroom door and keep the window shut when you are not in to ensure the safety of your belongings. See the Greater Manchester Police web page for more information about staying safe.


We hope you find these tips helpful, let us know how your Welcome Week went and share your top tips with us!