Seminar Series: Gigi Cocco

by | Feb 21, 2021 | Events | 0 comments

A Hard Day’s Night: short and long term outcomes of shift work

We all know that working in some environments can impact your health, but what about the time of day you work?

On the 16th February, we welcomed Professor Pierluigi Cocco to talk about shift work as part of our Seminar Series. Prof. Cocco is a retired professor of Occupational Medicine from the University of Cagliari (although still very much active in many research projects!). He is also an Honorary Professor of Occupational Medicine at the Centre for Occupational and Environmental Health, University of Manchester. 

Prof Cocco explored the short and long term impacts of sleep deprivation among shift workers, with special focus on nightshift workers, and how these can be minimised. His talk also explored suggestions on conditions which may be exacerbated by shift work and when might be appropriate to discourage a new employee from shift work during an occupational health assessment.

This seminar series is exclusively available to THOR reporters and COEH students and staff. If you are a THOR reporter and missed the original lecture, please contact us to request the recording.