image of colleagues having a meeting

The Centre involves the following SoSS colleagues: 

Paul Middleditch Director
Robert O’neill Academic Associate
Mario Pezzino Academic Associate
Simon Rudkin Academic Associate
Elsa Lee Learning Technologist
Karenne Sylvester Learning Technologist
Jaqueline O’Callaghan Administration


The Centre also collaborates with colleagues outside of SoSS and the University of Manchester: 

Christopher Godden Academic Associate
Shirley Jenner Academic Associate
Huw Morgan Academic Associate
Ali Owrak Academic Associate
John Pal Academic Associate
Jennifer Rose Academic Associate
Will Moindrot External Affiliate
Maria Paola Rana External Affiliate


CIP Legends

Our centre would not exist without the valuable contribution that our student leads and innovation officers make to the work of the centre; so here is our hall of fame:

students during open day


Current innovators

Mr Srijan Vasireddy Student innovation Lead (previously Officer 2019/20)
Mr Ramzan Albakov Student innovation Officer
Mr Vaibhav Ashin Kumar Student innovation Officer
Mr Theo Crook Student innovation Officer
Miss Hongyu Liu Student innovation Officer


Past innovators

Mr Karol Tolpa Student innovation Lead (2019/20) (previously Officer 2018/19)
Miss Xiaolan Li Student innovation Lead (2019/20) (previously Officer 2018/19)
Miss Minju Lee Student innovation Lead (2018/20) (previously Officer 2017/18)
Mr Kihyeok Cho Student Innovation Officer (2018/20)
Miss Xinran Feng Student Innovation Officer (2018/20)
Mr James Tennant Student Innovation Officer (2018/20)
Miss Siyu Ren Student Innovation Lead (2018/19) (previously Officer 2017/18)
Mr Michael Liu Student innovation Lead (2017/18)
Miss Mollie Bird Student Innovation Officer (2017/18)
Miss Weika Tan Student innovation Lead (2016/17)
Miss Vanessa Mbamalu Student Innovation Officer (2015/17)
Miss Jun Gao Student innovation Officer (2016/17)
Mr Marwan Mohamed Student Innovation Officer (2015/16)
Mr Rex Chukujama Student Innovation Officer (2015/16)
Miss Mariola Yankova Student Innovation Officer (2015/16)
Miss Rebecca Gilbertson Student Innovation Lead and Founding Member (2015/16)