Teaching workshops

people taking part in a workshop

The Humanities eLearning Team run a number of workshops in conjunction with other staff across the University

Sessions will be recorded, with details available here a few days after each session: https://spark.adobe.com/page/XRA5Mtm5dMONX

Cohere – Assessment for learning through informal/formal connections

Thursday 22 April 2021

Led by: Amanda Banks Gatenby, SEED

The Humanities Innovation in Teaching (HIT) fund, through a collaboration with Manchester Innovation Factory and the Student Software Company, has supported the development of a prototype mobile application with potential to work as a scalable assessment for learning tool. This provides visualisations or learning journey maps of how students relate and apply what they learn in their courses to their wider studies and extra-curricular activities. In this session we will introduce the prototype and share the roadmap for further development and the opportunities for developing educational technologies ‘in-house’

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