Academic Adventures: A chronicle of my second-year and the placement victory

by | Nov 30, 2023 | AMBS, Undergraduate | 0 comments

Hey! Let’s talk about my second-year adventures, where I juggled a ton of modules, teamed up for group projects, and ventured into the thrilling world of placements.

So, second year. It’s like a Pandora’s box of academic challenges. From brainy theory to practical adventures, I had a taste of it all. But the real game-changer? Teamwork! Picture this: a bunch of us tackling projects together, dissecting case studies, and creating presentations that could rival TED talks. It was more than just hitting deadlines; it was preparing to become a terrific team player in the real world. Now, presentations. Trust me; I used to break into a cold sweat at the thought. But guess what? They turned out to be my secret weapon. It was like my superhero training ground: answering unexpected questions, facing the class and getting over my stage fright.

But let’s talk about the real drama – the quest for a placement. Cue first-year superhero module: Academic and Professional Practice. This module taught me the art of crafting incredible CVs, acing interviews, and breezing through assessment days. Little did I know, these were the tools I needed for the ultimate quest – finding the perfect placement.

Now meet CareerConnect, the University of Manchester’s reliable sidekick. This career website is like having a career fairy godparent. It not only dishes out a buffet of placement opportunities but also serves up resources to polish your application game and nail interviews. With the wisdom from my first-year module and the magic of CareerConnect, I was ready to take on the placement universe.

After investing several months in committed applications, thorough research, and acing interviews, it was finally time for a victory dance! I secured a placement. It wasn’t merely a triumph; it represented the culmination of my second-year skills demonstrating their real-world value. Teamwork vibes? Check. Presentation skills? On point during meetings. It felt as if my entire university journey had transformed into a blockbuster movie, with the placement serving as the grand finale.

Looking back, second year was a rollercoaster, but the placement victory made every twist and turn worthwhile. It wasn’t just about surviving assignments; it was about thriving in the professional playground. The adaptability, time management, and resilience from second year!

So, embrace the challenges, dive into teamwork, conquer the presentation fears, and gear up for the ultimate placement quest. And don’t forget your first-year superpowers and the magic of CareerConnect. Your uni journey is a blockbuster waiting to happen, and the real-world victories are just around the corner. Cheers to the epic adventure ahead!


Written by Abeerah, a current BSc ITMB student at AMBS