Manchester School of Architecture: Beginning of an exciting journey

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Manchester as the city itself, has continuously evolved not just culturally but also architecturally. Manchester is a very diverse city and you’ll always be able to find someone who, has the same or similar interest as you. Especially, being a part of two universities enables you to expand more and grow as a person. By studying architecture surrounded by the evolving architecture, it expands your design ideas and your creative mindset, which makes you think more outside of the box. Even just the architecture of the university buildings, makes you wonder how it was built and gives a more in depth perception of the design, as you begin to learn more about architecture.  

Manchester is advanced and keeps up with newer architecture, but they also preserve the older buildings such as the red brick Manchester buildings. These now have a bigger influence on the new architectural designs. As you start learning more about architecture such as the construction and materiality part of it, you’re able to relate what you are currently studying, with buildings that are currently being made and apply what you have learned. As there are different types of architecture in Manchester – gothic, brutalist, contemporary etc, you have an opportunity to be surrounded by your preferred style of architecture and other types which you might find yourself liking as well.  

By being in Manchester amongst its red brick houses, will also help you think in a more sustainable way, which doesn’t involve building the new or destroying the old. As you learn more about the fundamentals, you’ll see that some of the current Victorian red brick houses are renovated/refurbished to maintain Manchester’s history. Manchester has a lot of history that can be unpacked, which you will learn by studying certain buildings and looking into their past occupation. With the increase in sustainable approaches and its influence in today’s architecture, refurbishing is becoming more common, which made me think more about how I can implement sustainable approaches onto my project while keeping my design.  

As said earlier, Manchester is a diverse and welcoming city, which shows through MSA (Manchester School of Architecture). MSA welcomes a lot of different people with different backgrounds, courses and unique styles. Being part of MSA allows you to communicate and learn with people that have done different qualifications than you.  

Manchester has numerous employment opportunities and with the university’s connections and reputation, it will increase your possibilities as well as improve your CV by doing internships and placements. MSA has a good support system, whether it’s about career choices, finance, sessions/talks/lectures with architecture companies or even extra sessions to help you with your design projects, they are always there if needed. You simply have to let them know that you need help and they’ll be happy to help with software and other problems you face along the way.  

Written by Jessica, current BA Architecture student at The University of Manchester