Why I chose Manchester?

by | Dec 11, 2023 | Geography and Global Development, Undergraduate | 0 comments

Choosing Manchester for my studies was a deliberate decision. I made it because The University of Manchester met my expectations of what I wanted from a university in several ways.

Firstly, The University of Manchester is renowned for its academic excellence. As a world-class research university, Manchester is an international leader in several subject areas. The quality of its education and its staff is globally renowned, particularly in my institute, Global Development Institute (GDI), which is ranked 7th in the world for global development studies (QS 2023) and, with a long history of over 60 years, has trained over 10,000 students from around the world and is one of the largest and most diverse development research institutions in Europe. This has convinced me that my studies here will be a feast of knowledge. I am eager to receive a rich and varied education in such an academic atmosphere, not only to gain professional knowledge but also to develop critical thinking and creative skills.

Secondly, the internationalisation of The University of Manchester is also one of the reasons for my choice. I am from China, and whenever I walk around The University of Manchester campus, I always find students from all over the world. I can always study with students from different cultures and broaden my international perspective. Manchester offers me a broad platform for development in a vibrant and multicultural city. The world-renowned football culture of the city reinforced my decision to study in Manchester.

In addition, The University of Manchester focuses on practice and practical application. It has established a close relationship with the industry, providing various internships and employment opportunities. It has been awarded the title of the most popular UK university among the top 100 employers (The Graduate Market in 2023), which enables me to apply the theoretical knowledge I have learnt in the real world with ease. This close industry-academia cooperation not only helps me better understand the practical application of what I have learned but also increases my career competitiveness.

The excellent campus facilities and student support services at The University of Manchester have convinced me that choosing Manchester for my studies was the right decision. The modern libraries, laboratories, and student activity centres provide a great environment in which to study and live. The student support service also provides me with all the support I need in my studies and life so that I can focus on my studies and develop myself in a holistic way.

Overall, choosing The University of Manchester has been a wise choice for my professional and personal development. The academic strength, internationalisation, practical opportunities and excellent student support services have excited me about my future at university. My study experience at The University of Manchester will be a valuable asset in my life and will open the door to a broader future!

Written by Yi, current BSc Global Development student at The University of Manchester