A new journey towards success

by | Dec 12, 2023 | AMBS, Postgraduate | 0 comments

A wave of anticipation and anxiety poured in when I found out that my application for 

The University of Manchester was accepted for Masters in International Business and Management. I cannot forget my first day at The University, it was filled with so many emotions and memorable moments.  

The first few days were a mix of orientation sessions, campus tours, and introductions to other international students and communities. The student body diversity was incredible, reflecting a rich mix of cultures, languages, and perspectives. I found myself immersed in a tiny fraction of the global community while navigating this cultural mosaic, where every interaction became an opportunity to broaden my thinking. 

Academically, the challenges have been exhausting as well as exciting. The introduction to a new type of education system has given me new experiences and learnings that have been very helpful to develop a critical thinking. The lectures were not only just transfer of knowledge, but it helped each student to develop and grasp critical style of thinking and more innovative ideas. This foreign academic system of education has proved to be an explosion of experiences, obstacles, and personal developments for me. 

The workload required various time management skills. Completing assignments, readings, and submissions of group presentations within time was a departure from my previous academic routine. Group work helped me to make a fabulous social circle and connections in my course. It helped us to know people better and understand the working and thinking of various other cultures. Language was the only barrier between students but with time it became an avenue of language exchange, leading to better understanding between newly developed bonds.  

Living alone in a foreign country has not only taught me how to live independently but also to utilize time more effectively. There are new experiences and challenges faced by me almost every day, out of which the most difficult part of staying in this city is to adapt myself to the climate, which is unpredictable and can differ every minute. It has been a crash course in independence and self-sufficiency, from laundry to cooking.  

Homesickness was my constant companion for the first few weeks, gradually diminishing as and when I was immersing in my new surroundings. The city has several things to do, I have not been able to even finish one-fourth of it. Being a food lover, I would love to mention, Manchester is a city which facilitates diverse cuisine options, that everyone should try.  

When I look back on my first semester, I realised that the difficulties were not obstacles, but rather steps towards success. The initial uncertainty turned into deep resilience. I have learned to embrace the unexplored and enjoy the variety of experiences that academic life in Manchester provides. 

In summary, my first semester at University of Manchester was a life-changing experience. Every aspect of this experience, from academic challenge to cultural immersion, contributed to my personal and intellectual development. As I prepare for the upcoming semester, I have gained new confidence and a global perspective.  


Written by Jai, current MSc International Business and Management student at AMBS