First Semester at The University of Manchester

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This blog journey will take us through the ins and outs of our first semester at The University of Manchester, capturing the essence of our educational odyssey!

Freshmen’s Week Experience

At the outset of each academic year, The University of Manchester initiates a Welcome Week typically scheduled in mid-September. During this period, the campus undergoes a significant surge in activity, characterized not only by the presence of numerous student societies that establish informational booths to attract new members but also by a cadre of University Staff engaged in providing essential guidance on academic and practical matters. Additionally, the faculty members serving as program directors for respective academic disciplines arrange induction sessions. These sessions serve as valuable opportunities for new students to engage directly with their professors, academic advisors, and seniors, enabling them to gain insights into the overall curriculums and the specific assessments pertinent to their chosen courses of study.

Meet new friends in the University Accommodation

For my first semester at the UoM, I made the deliberate choice to reside in the University Accommodation called Whitworth Park, strategically positioned in close proximity to the main university campus. This residential selection was made with careful consideration of its favorable location, which boasts convenient access to a diverse array of dining establishments, particularly Chinese restaurants and fast-food outlets. Furthermore, this place offers an optimal living arrangement as it is merely a brief ten-minute walk to a plethora of stores. This University Accommodation is administered by a dedicated team that is responsible for the coordination of regular events. At one of their pizza parties, I made many new friends. Further details regarding these events can be found on the official website.


With respect to academic pursuit, it is noteworthy that the curriculum structure in British universities predominantly comprises lecture-based content, complemented by seminars and tutorial sessions, while certain scientific disciplines incorporate laboratory or practical work. The diversified formats in course assessments are an element of my chosen major of BSc Education. It is of particular significance to underscore that this assessment methodology diverges from the conventional examination-based evaluation system. There is an advantage to this major’s assessment design in that it enables students to complete their studies earlier and then enjoy their time, as the examination seasons within UK universities typically transpire subsequent to the holiday recess. For me, during the first semester, I just chose to write all essays in December, followed by enjoying concerts and traveling to surrounding countries like the Republic of Montenegro, rather than do the revision during the exam period.

Extracurricular Activities

Volunteering is another great approach to integrate into college life during the first semester. My department sends out volunteer options via email on a regular basis, and the first activity I participated in was clearing branches in Butterfly Park near Liverpool, followed by volunteering in a cafe in the Meditation Centre during the Easter Break. Of course, paid work is an excellent option, so I applied for a part-time position on the Career Connect website, mostly as a student ambassador assisting international offer-holders. What I’m trying to say is that there are numerous resources and chances for students to integrate into higher education. And all you have to do is find them and make good use of them!

Written by Keyi, current BSc Education student at The University of Manchester