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As part of the Get Connected partnership between the University and the Weizmann Institute of Science, Dr Mark Travis and Anna Fildes from Manchester and Steffen Jung from the Weizmann hosted the Manchester-Weizmann Institute Symposium from the 26th-28th of November in Manchester. The symposium entitled New Frontiers in Cell Biology and Immunology involved a series of talks from immunology researchers at Manchester and the Weizmann which helped identify new discoveries in immunology and cell biology and how they relate to each other. There was great synergy in the work presented by all of the scientists which will hopefully lead to further collaborative research programmes.

The MCCIR was represented with talks by:  Dr Mark Travis, Dr Gloria Lopez-Castejon, Dr Amy Saunders, Dr Lizzie Mann, Dr Joanne Konkel, Dr John Grainger, Prof. Andrew MacDonald, Prof Tracy Hussell, Prof Dan Davis, Dr Tara Sutherland, Dr Matt Hepworth, and Dr Peter Cook. Prof Dan Davis said that as a result of the symposium we are now overwhelmed by new collaborations across the institutes.