April Press Releases 2020

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5 April 2020 Top scientists racing to pinpoint who will be hit hardest by coronovirus. Outlet: Manchester Evening News
5 April 2020 Q and A on COVID-19/coronavirus, answering questions from the public, featured 5 experts. Tracy Hussell, Lizzie Mann, Madhvi Menon, LBIII. Daniel Davis. Outlet: The Cosmic Shambles
7 April 2020 Are you immune if you have had coronvirus? Daniel Davis. Outlet: Channel 4
7 April 2020 Individual reactions to COVID-19. Tracy Hussell. Outlet: LBC
8 April 2020 what causes a fever, and how the body uses the rise in temperature to fight infection. Dan Davis. Outlet: New Scientist
10 April 2020 Q&A: How do vaccines work? Sheena Cruickshank. Outlet: The Times and The Sunday Times
11 April 2020 explained the work being carried out to understand why some people show a much stronger immune response than others, which contributes to the severity of COVID-19. Outlet: Radio 5
20 April 2020 Out entire way of working has changed. Elizabeth Mann, Madhvi Menon. Outlet: The Biologist
22 April 2020 can learn anything from the plague village of Eyam which we could apply to the coronavirus pandemic. Outlet: BBC News
22 April 2020 Dr Tim Felton – our Clinical Lead for all Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust #COVID19 related #research studies – was on BBC North West recently talking about the #coronavirus clinical trials taking place at our Trust.
24 April 2020 Dr Blanchard is carrying out work on a vaccine to protect from a range of SARS-related viruses, while also leading a Covid-19 at the Royal Liverpool University Hospital.
29 April 2020 Immunology in a pandemic. Tracy Hussell, John Grainger, Madhvi Menon, Elizabeth Mann, Sheena Cruickshank. Outlet: Facebook