The CIRCO consortium is delivering results

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The Coronavirus Immune Reponse and Clinical Outcome (CIRCO) consortium draws together immunological expertise in the Lydia Becker Institute of Immunology and Inflammation with key clinicians at Wythenshawe, Salford Royal and North Manchester hospitals and the Manchester Royal Infirmary.

Speed of collection and analysis

This consortium was set up swiftly to allow collection of longitudinal samples from patients with diagnosed COVID-19, starting at hospital admission through to outcome.

Data collection and curation was facilitated by patient recruitment under the ManARTS and NCARC biobanks. On receipt, daily samples were processed and analysed immediately for all immune cell subsets and inflammatory mediators.

Our findings

Our findings identify previously unappreciated immune biomarkers for patient stratification and lend support to the idea that therapeutic strategies targeting release of myeloid cells from bone marrow should be considered in COVID-19 patients.

Moreover, they demonstrate that features of an exaggerated immune response are present early after hospital admission suggesting immune-modulating therapies would be most beneficial at early timepoints

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