The Truth about……

by | Jan 6, 2021 | News, Seminars and events | 0 comments

Professor Sheena Cruickshank from the Lydia Becker Institute of Immunology and Inflammation will appear on ‘The Truth about……boosting your immune system’ on BBC One on Wednesday, 6 January at 9pm. The programme, hosted by Dr Ronx Ikharia, examines how our modern day lifestyles are damaging to our immune system making it misfire and not work optimally and cause low level chronic inflammation.

The programme then goes on to look at how simple changes such as a healthy varied diet, moderate exercise and a healthy sleep routine can improve our immune health and restore immune balance. In making the programme, six volunteers were recruited to trial an immune makeover using these simple changes to lifestyle, ones which we can all do.

The experimental design was approved by the University ethics and a short segment was filmed on the University campus in the observatory at the business school and the programme features many research images from labs in the Lydia Becker Institute.