Meet the team: James Minshull

by | Jul 12, 2023 | Team profiles | 0 comments

James Minshull is a Senior Research Technician at the Manchester Brain Bank.

“I love learning new things every day that no-one’s ever known before.”

James Minshull has worked as a Senior Research technician at the Manchester Brain Bank since January 2019.

James’ background combines both the necessary knowledge and skills for his work at the Brain Bank, having studied neuroscience at The University of Manchester and worked in the cellular pathology department at the Salford Royal Hospital as both a medical laboratory assistant and assistant practitioner.

His role at the Brain Bank involves processing the brain tissues and forming formaldehyde-fixed and paraffin-embedded samples that can be stained and used in diagnostics. His experience in microtomy, immunohistochemistry, and other experimental techniques makes him a key team member at the Brain Bank.

James is currently funded by Brains for Dementia, helping to process these tissues and further important research regarding this neurodegenerative disease. Alongside this work, James also helps to carry out experiments as part of the Brain Bank’s own research, and in March 2023 he presented a poster on behalf of the Manchester Brain Bank at the British Neuropathological Society conference.