Meet the team: Professor Federico Roncaroli

by | Jul 12, 2023 | Team profiles | 0 comments

Professor Federico Roncaroli is the Director of the Manchester Brain Bank. 

“Even after working in brain banking for 20 years, I still find it very interesting, challenging, and fascinating work.”

Prof Federico Roncaroli joined the Manchester Brain Bank in 2015 as a Clinical Reader and neuropathologist. In 2018, he took over the directing role from Professor David Mann and has continued to build the Manchester Brain Bank as a key educational, academic, and clinical institution.

Prof Roncaroli has a background in medicine and histopathology and is a recognised neuropathologist by the General Medical Council. With 20 years of experience in brain banking, he is highly experienced in his work.

At the Manchester Brain Bank, Prof Roncaroli is largely involved in determining neuropathological diagnoses for brain donations that have been processed and stained for neurodegenerative disease-specific markers. This is a key part of the Brain Bank’s work, which allows the provision of well-characterised tissues for research and can confirm diagnosis for the benefit of family members.

“While we don’t interact with patients, the work we do is part of the clinical pathway – we’re just not on the stage,” he says.

He is also a well-published researcher, contributing directly to the translational neuroscience research that the Manchester Brain Bank aims to support. View Prof Roncaroli’s publications in the Research Explorer.