Meet the team: Yvonne Davidson

by | Jul 12, 2023 | Team profiles | 0 comments

Yvonne Davidson is a Research Technician at the Manchester Brain Bank.

“The brain is very beautiful under a microscope.”

 Yvonne has worked at the Manchester Brain Bank since its establishment in 1986. As a part-time employee, funded by The University of Manchester, Yvonne plays a key role in helping the Brain Bank process tissue samples.

Her work as a research technician at the Brain Bank primarily involves histology, carrying out immunohistochemistry techniques to stain brain tissue samples and visualise the antigens present using microscopy, which allows a neuropathological diagnosis to be made.

Alongside her lab-based work, Yvonne supports the Brain Bank’s role as a teaching facility for medical students and researchers, passing on her knowledge of histological techniques.

Yvonne has worked in a laboratory since she left school and has gained a great deal of experience. While working as a trainee research technician at The University of Manchester, she also completed a Higher National Diploma and a BSc in Biochemistry before carrying out a master’s by research.

Prior to joining the Manchester Brain Bank, Yvonne worked as a research technician in the geriatric medicine department at Withington hospital, where she first gained experience in histological techniques.

From her time at the Manchester Brain Bank, Yvonne has experienced first-hand how important it is as a resource. “It’s such a precious thing to have that longitudinal record of people’s memory and what’s happened to them, and to be able to offer that to other people to use in research,” she says.