Meet the team: Phillip Tinkler

by | Jul 12, 2023 | Team profiles | 0 comments

Phillip (Phil) Tinkler is the Brain Bank Coordinator.

“It’s such a difficult and tragic time for families, but it’s really rewarding to know you’ve made something good happen out of something bad.”

Phil Tinkler has worked as the Brain Bank Coordinator at the Manchester Brain Bank since 2019.

This role involves working with individuals all over the north-west who have registered to donate their brain to the Brain Bank to carry out annual cognitive testing. With the Manchester Brain Bank currently working closely with the Brains for Dementia research project, most of these individuals are a part of this cohort.

These annual data help provide later research with important context for the neurodegenerative diseases’ progression and how neuropathological changes in the brain translate to behaviour changes.

Phil also works to coordinate transportation of brain donations to the Brain Bank, often travelling around the country himself to ensure each brain is received quickly and safely.

Phil’s background has provided him with the necessary skills and knowledge to carry out his role in the Brain Bank effectively. Having studied Psychology at both an undergraduate and master’s level, Phil has an extensive knowledge of this field. Following his studies, he worked as both a research assistant and Clinical Studies Officer in the NHS, gaining over 10 years of experience in cognitive testing.

Phil works incredibly hard to ensure brain donations are able to contribute to the important translational research that the Manchester Brain Bank aims to support.