Why is being active important?

Exercise isn’t just about keeping fit. A growing consensus suggests that being active can help us think and feel positively. Find a form of physical activity that fits into your day and which you enjoy.

 It’s the little things that matter.


“Being active is not only great for your physical health but it’s brilliant for your mental wellbeing and believe me, it’ll make you feel good and it’ll make the people around you feel good too”

Lemn Sissay,




Six Ways to Wellbeing

When it comes to your wellbeing, a small action can make a big difference. The University of Manchester’s six ways to wellbeing will help you make positive changes to keep feeling good and living well.

Evidence shows that there are a number of types of activity that improve wellbeing, and we’ve based our six ways around these. The great thing about the six ways is that you don’t have to do all of them – and some activities, such as going on a walk with friends, allow you to do more than one at once. It’s important to find a blend of things that fits with your lifestyle yet stays fresh and varied, keeping you inspired.

Our highlighted theme for March and April is Be Active. Being active isn’t just about joining a sports team, going to the gym or running a marathon (unless that’s your thing, fab!). Be Active is just about that – being active. Whether it’s heading out for a lunch time walk, dancing in your bedroom, or going up the stairs rather than getting the lift – it doesn’t matter how you move.

  • With spring just around the corner why not cycle or walk to Uni rather than catch a bus.
  • On a night out in Manchester – hit the dance floor
  • Check out the Be Active classes on campus
  • Looking for a challenge? – sign up to the Purple Wave