Meet the history professionals

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On Thursday 28th February we saw the return of the Meet the History Professionals event delivered by the Division of Development and Alumni Relations in partnership with the Careers Service. The event gave our History students the opportunity to talk to former students who studied similar subjects to them and have gone on to be successful in their careers.

Delivered through groups, 10 minutes per alumni, switch and repeat! The event included food and refreshments, informal chat and networking opportunities.  

“The History graduates were inspirational and led to us receiving positive feedback from every student that took part.  Muneera Lula came up from London and it was terrific to hear about her current career success with the Dept. for International Trade.  She is truly impressive!”

Louise Sethi (Careers Consultant) Humanities

Here is what some of the students who attended the event had to say: 

“It has made me feel like my degree is valuable”


“Talking to University of Manchester (History) alumni was fantastic because it opened my to eyes to all the career opportunities available.  It also made me feel more at ease about my future – it’s okay to be unsure of what you want to do”


“Guests were happy with their careers and confident that studying History had been important for their current jobs.  I liked to see this passion and the diversity of options after the degree”


“Great experience.  You get to know plenty of possibilities for your future”


“It was great to hear from people who are in positions that are interesting to me and it made me want to be much more proactive with my career”


“It’s definitely worth attending events like this as they both motivate you to do more and let you feel at ease if you don’t know what you want to do…”


“I (now) feel less scared about the graduate me!  Thank you!”


“The evening was very informative and beneficial to finding out about new career opportunities”


“The event showed me the wide range of jobs and opportunities there are with a History degree”


“An easy going, informal way to find out about your future.  It was really helpful talking to people who actually did the same degree as me”


“Meeting History graduates face-to-face was really inspiring and has boosted my confidence”

The Careers Service run a similar events for Language students and, engage with students from all subjects through a variety of other means, including module inputs. For more information about upcoming events please see the Careers Service webpage: