Top tips from our wellbeing champions

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Bethany’s top tips in feeling good and living well as a student:Wellness sign

“Firstly, following the ways to wellbeing. These are very useful and can be applied and interpreted however you want, which makes it really easy to apply to your own personal life. I have two personal favourites: be healthy and be active. I really enjoy healthy cooking so find be healthy really nice to apply to finding new recipes I can try, and also trying these with friends. It’s a nice way to ensure we are staying healthy but also means I am socialising.


Picture of healthy foodLiving near the curry mile has encouraged me to try new flavours and learn about new cultures which I have applied to my healthy eating. I also really like be active; I am a member of the women’s football team at the university and have found this such a positive opportunity. I have improved my football skills, it’s allowed me to do something I enjoy, and it’s also allowed me to meet lots of new people from all different courses. Joining sports clubs is such a crucial part of university life as it enables you to keep fit, socialise, and have a break from uni work which at times can seem daunting.


Secondly – I think making the most of your university experience makes you feel good and live well as a student. Accepting invitations to all sorts of events, even if it is something you have never tried before, it really allows you to learn more about yourself and your own interests, while meeting new people with similar interests.”

Bethany Barnes-Wood

Louis’ top tip for keeping well: 

“Although the topic of being well as a student can encompass so many positive actions you can take for yourself, my top and breathe imagetip would be to listen to yourself and know your own needs at university.


This is because so much of the time we can be caught up in all the things that are constantly going on in a place as busy and dynamic as Manchester that we can forget about the importance of our own self care. This can be anything as simple as having that guilt-free night in to yourself, away from studying and to watch your favourite series.”

Louis Haddad 

If slowing down is something you think would benefit your wellbeing why not take advantage of the Whitworth’s peaceful setting – and some of its wonderful new spaces, such as the beautifully restored Grand Hall – to bring mind and body into healthy alignment. Visit the The Whitworth webpage for more information.

If you are interested in finding out more about healthy eating whilst at University, take a look at this Times Higher Education article for handy tips and cookery book recommendations! 

If you fancy joining a sports club or are interested to see what clubs are available, please visit the University Sports webpage for more information. 

Don’t forget to check out our news and community pages for information about social events, groups and societies!

How do you live well as a student? share your top tips in the comments!