Are you interested in writing a article for the Manchester Historian?

by | Oct 1, 2019 | News and events | 0 comments

Manchester Historian is a University History magazine written and run by students. The editors Daniel and Ruben have been in touch as they are putting together their 34th issue on protest and revolution and looking for students to write for them. 

“If you’re interested, have a look at our article titles on Facebook and see if you’d like to write any. If you’d like to write one of the articles listed there, then send us an email with a brief outline or structure and we’ll reserve the piece for you. Alternatively, if you have something you want to write on any area of history, send us a pitch and we’d love to print it.”  
“We’re also looking for book reviews and art history articles – send us an email if you have anything you’d like to write!”

You can contact the Manchester Historian via email, or find them on social media and send them a message!

Daniel Johnson and Reuben Williamson

Editors 2019-2020

The Manchester Historian