Are you in your final year? Sign up for a Workplace Ethics Challenge

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Sign up now to gain skills and experiences that will improve your confidence and help you stand out in a crowded graduate job market.

Whatever your career plans, there is a Workplace Ethics Challenge for you.  Complete the Challenge online, or join other students in one of a range of workshops to explore issues related to your interests and aspirations.

“It helped me challenge my own unconscious biases and assumptions. It also gave scenarios that are very likely to occur in the workplace, but are also not black and white. It really made me have to think.” (Student feedback 2018)

To find out more, and to sign up for the Workplace Ethics Challenge in Semester 1*, follow the links below:

*Each workshop runs twice a year, once in Semester 1, and once in Semester 2. Sign up now to secure your Semester 1 place.

Completing a Workplace Ethics Challenge option also counts towards the Stellify Award.