Help shape the next stage of the PROTECT study

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In light of today’s (24 January 2022) announcement that the PROTECT COVID-19 National Core Study on transmission and environment will continue for another year, stakeholders are being invited to help shape this important next stage of the programme by participating in a short survey.

We want to hear from anyone with a role to play in controlling transmission of the COVID-19 virus in the UK about what knowledge gaps could be addressed to support your work. Respondents could include:

  • policy and analytical colleagues in UK, devolved and local government;
  • public health, environmental health and occupational health professionals;
  • business and trade association representatives;
  • workers and unions;
  • NGOs and professional associations;
  • academics and research funders;
  • and members of the general public.

Where these gaps can be addressed from existing PROTECT research findings, these will be answered in an FAQ on the PROTECT website. Otherwise, responses will help inform the allocation of resources on the PROTECT study during the 2022-23 financial year, including to the translation of existing research knowledge into accessible guidance resources and tools, and the commissioning of additional research.

Responses will also help inform future discussions on the establishment of longer-term, sustainable UK research capacity on respiratory disease transmission, building on the foundation provided by PROTECT.

The survey will close at 10am on Monday 7 February.


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