Everyday lives: A photographic exhibition

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From 19 – 24 April, the National Art Galley in Malé will be hosting a photo exhibition based on the Everyday Lives Research project.

Featuring images of everyday life taken by islanders, the exhibition highlights varied perspectives on life from across the Maldives.

The exhibition is being co-organised by UNDP, The University of Manchester, University of Reading and Endevor. Here’s a small selection of some of the images.

Renovating the beach, by Ahmed Shimal

Island environments are being transformed following the introduction of guesthouses on inhabited islands. Beaches where locals used to swim are now being redesigned for use by tourists.

Kulhi kaajaa for sale, by Adam Naseer

Many families earn their livelihoods by making food locally and then selling it. These include fried moringa leaves and kulhi kaajaa, a savoury tuna chip. In this picture the chips have been placed in reused containers to sell.

Relaxing on a hammock, by Suma Haamid

Many people enjoy living away from the hustle and bustle of Malé as they feel they can relax in a more natural environment.

Digger reclaiming land, by Fathimath Nashma

Many islands are becoming overcrowded and there are not enough houses to accommodate local populations. To resolve this problem, local councils have begun reclamation projects that involved extensive pumping and excavation of sand.

Heading out to clear crown-of-thorns, by Imran Adam

The thorny crown-of-thorns starfish is considered a pest that kills coral reefs. Many islands organise regular community clean ups to check for outbreaks. Sometimes concerned tourists join in these expeditions.


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