Information for food businesses

Food allergies can be life threatening, and the only way people can deal with a food allergy is to avoid the foods that make them ill.

Tiny amounts can cause a reaction. For example, a speck of peanut seed weighting 10/1000ths of a gram is enough to cause a reaction in 10% of people with peanut allergy. The reactions happen quickly – often within minutes of someone eating their problem food – and at least within two hours.

For this reason, food businesses must provide information on the 14 most common food allergens to protect consumers, so they can make confident and informed choices about the foods they purchase.

They also need plans to manage allergens in their business, including sourcing and handling ingredients, as well as to manage cleaning procedures during production.

Regulations apply to all food businesses supplying food to the public and caterers, including retail premises, manufacturers, restaurants, delicatessens, bakeries, sandwich bars, supermarkets, caterers, takeaways, buffets, and home caterers.

This section of the website provides information on labelling and handling allergens for food businesses in the manufacturing and catering industries.