A typical week as a third-year MSA student

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Fanny is a third-year Architecture student at the Manchester School of Architecture. Here she shares her typical week in the life of a final-year student.


Every Monday we have Technologies Lectures on one specific topic that will help us complete our weekly assignments. The lectures are usually at 9 am or 10 am and they are 2 hours long with a 15-minute break in between. If the lectures are in person they will be in the Geoffrey Manton Lecture theatre or the Humanities Bridgeford Street building. However, some lectures are online and I like to watch them in a coffee shop such as Takk Coffee in the University Place of in the library such as Alan Gilbert Learning Commons (AGLC).

I always have lunch with my friends in the Architecture school building called Chatham where you can sit in the art school café and have access to microwaves and fresh water. You can also get a meal deal from the café for around £3-£4!Architecture atelier

In the evening, I will usually book a slot for swimming in the Moss Side Leisure Centre or the Aquatic Centre with my student membership which costs £25 per month.


On Tuesdays, we don’t have lectures, but it is a dedicated day to work on our Technologies assignment due the same week. I like to either go to the Architecture School and work in the studio spaces or I will go to the All Saints MMU library to work in the quiet study spaces.

A lot of my friends attend live drawing sessions in the evening located in the Northern Quarter at the Peer Hat music venue where you can have a drink and draw with all your friends from a model.


On Wednesday we usually have two lectures from 10 am to 1 pm with the head of our year and a guest that talks about a relevant subject to what we are currently working on. This year, the lecture series on Wednesdays was called Professional Studies and experienced Architects came in to speak about the profession, their careers and what they did to complete their degrees.University of Manchester student ambassador walking through park, Whitworth Hall in background


Every Thursday we are in Studio in the Chatham building where our two tutors will do individual tutorials on our projects and help us develop our design. These Studio days are essential to complete our portfolio since we can present our work in progress and get constructive criticism.

In the evening, we love to go to one of the pubs near the School of Architecture called Sandbar or Yes bar and we finish our day with good music and a drink.


On Fridays, most students go to the Architecture school as well to continue working on their projects. I found that the advice and feedback the tutors give me the day before are still fresh in my head and I like to get the work done before the weekend to then have a good break.Two students sitting in HOME, working on laptop


My friends and I love to go to the city centre, Northern Quarter or Ancoats on the weekends. Even if it is just to walk around and have a coffee it is a nice break from the university campus and a great moment to appreciate the amazing architecture of the city.

Saturday evenings are usually great moments to go out in the city centre and enjoy Manchester’s nightlife in a music venue such as Mint lounge or Matt and Phreds.

On Sundays, I love to go work in a Coffee shop in the city centre, my favourite places that have free WIFI, large tables and good coffee are Foundation in the Whitworth lock, Arlos in the Northern Quarter, and 92° in the city centre.