Day in the life of a Philosophy student

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Philosophy student Maria shares her typical study day at The University of Manchester.

Wake up

7am: Wake up, do a quick yoga session, shower, and get ready for the day ahead.


8am: Have a big breakfast with my friends and head out for the day.

Lectures and tutorials

9am: Formal Logic lecture starts at the Kilburn Building.

11am: Head to Milk and Honey for some chai, a little studying and eventually some soup with my friends.

1pm: Make my way to the Arthur Lewis Building to attend an Equality, Diversity and Inclusion meeting, as I am the undergraduate representation for the School of Social Sciences. This has been a great opportunity to engage with the academics and senior staff in our School. They are always very eager to hear what the undergraduate community has to say.

Part-time job

2pm: Commute to tutor secondary school pupils in English Literature and Language. This has been a great part-time job as it has allowed me to explore Greater Manchester and interact with the city beyond the University.

Evening activities

7pm: Dinner with my friends.

8pm: I head to my room after a long day and check in on family and friends back home.

9pm: I head out to dance at RevoluciĆ³n de Cuba with my friends from Latin America. Wednesdays are Reggaeton and Salsa night. Manchester is a super vibrant city, especially at night!