Day in the life of a Sociology student

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Sociology student Georgia shares her typical study day at The University of Manchester.

Wake up and breakfast

8.30am: Wake up grab some breakfast and have a morning catch up with my housemates before they head off for the day. We then walk to uni through the park, it takes about 30mins.

Lectures and tutorials

10am: Two-hour lecture on Crime and Society.

12pm: Me and a friend have a tutorial for another module later on so can’t head back home just yet. We decide we’ll eat our lunch and then head to the library to get some essay prep done.

2pm: The tutorial is an hour long and mostly involves talking over the week’s lecture and reading to make sure that we all understand the concepts, and to see our opinions on things. We briefly discuss the upcoming essays to make sure we’re all on track for getting them done.

Food and drink

3pm: We head to our favourite place for a coffee and catch up on a bit more work.

4pm: We walk down to ‘On the 8th day’, a veggie food store, to grab some supplies. A couple of friends join us in a beer garden. We are near Rudy’s Neapolitan pizza, the best place about to get pizza, so we head there and get a table.

Evening activities

8.30pm: I’m at home now with my housemates catching up on our day and plans for what we’re going to do at the weekend.

10.30pm: I watch an episode of something on Netflix before I head to bed ready for a new day tomorrow.