What’s Next? Embarking on career journey after MSc Organisational Change and Development

by | Dec 5, 2023 | Geography and Global Development, Postgraduate | 0 comments

Embarking on a career journey is like stepping into unknown territories – full of uncertainty but brimming with chances to learn and grow. My adventure began after finishing my Master’s in Industrial Psychology in 2020, leading me to become a Learning and Development Executive in 2021. Little did I know, this role would be the spark for a thrilling shift in my career towards Organisational Development (OD).

By 2023, having worked on two interesting OD projects, I felt a strong connection to the field. That’s when I imagined myself as an OD consultant, someone who shapes the future of the organizations through smart and people-focused development strategies. This dream led me to The University of Manchester’s MSc in Organisational Change and Development. Choosing this path was a big decision, sure to impact my career. The university’s stellar reputation and a dedicated OD course made me believe it was the perfect place to nurture my ambitions. Being part of the Russell Group university added even more weight to my decision.

The University of Manchester

The University of Manchester

Now, as I near the end of the first semester, the journey has been truly transformative. The coursework expanded my knowledge and offered new perspectives on guiding organizations through the challenges of a VUCA world- volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous. I am developing an understanding of new approaches of dealing with different levels of economy. This degree has opened me up to a more holistic perspective. The unique teaching approach pushed me to see OD from different angles, giving me a more complete understanding. One standout experience was diving into research readings that connect theory to real-world practice. This exposure to actual issues enriched my learning, showing me how to apply what I learn.

I’m confident that this MSc will open new professional doors for me sooner than I thought. With a deeper understanding of OD, I’m excited to explore opportunities in organizations, contributing to their growth. Looking ahead, I see a Ph.D. in my future to delve even deeper into my chosen field, making a meaningful impact.

This journey is more than just earning a degree; it’s a transformative experience turning me into a professional ready to handle the complexities of the modern work world. Each lesson, each insight, brings me closer to my vision of being an OD consultant. As I soak in the knowledge this course offers, I look forward to what’s next, confident that this academic adventure is a stepping stone to a future where I make a meaningful mark in the world of Organisational Development.

Written by Shalmali, current MSc Organisational Change and Development student at The University of Manchester