How I am planning to spend my year in Manchester

by | Dec 5, 2023 | Geography and Global Development, Postgraduate | 0 comments

For me, an international postgraduate student who is studying in Manchester, a city rich in culture and history, this offers a unique and priceless chance. It seems to be a trip that broadens my perspectives and exposes me to other living and learning situations. I am eager to take on this one year with all of my enthusiasm and dedication.


My objective during college is to get more knowledgeable at The University of Manchester. With its wealth of instructional materials and distinctive academic setting, I hope to fully comprehend my selected course on climate change. The appeal of higher education goes beyond merely completing assignments, it also involves interacting with teachers and other students. Thus, I’m keen on actively participating in discussions, collaborating with peers, and seeking deeper insights through interactions. Engaging in discussions, group projects, and mentorship from professors will not only enrich my knowledge but also equip me with practical skills. Alongside classroom learning, I aim to engage extensively in various academic activities. Attending lectures, participating in academic seminars, and immersing myself in research projects will broaden my academic vistas and deepen my passion for the subject. Additionally, I relish spending my free time in The University of Manchester’s libraries, especially in the captivating Purple area of the main library, which provides an exquisite environment for independent study.


I’m also eagerly anticipating the opportunity to amass a wealth of hands-on experience during my study abroad venture. The UK’s



allowance of up to 20 hours of work per week for international students is an invaluable opportunity. Now I’m eager to find a part-time role aligned with my field of study in the lively city of Manchester, where opportunities abound. Such professional exposure will serve as a sturdy launchpad for my future career aspirations. I hope these work prospects not only allow me to garner practical expertise in my chosen field but also nurture enhanced communication skills. Moreover, it presents an exceptional chance to refine problem-solving abilities and foster stronger collaborative skills.

I believe that the dynamism and diversity of Manchester offer boundless avenues. This city isn’t solely a place for academic pursuits; it’s a playground of prospects and personal development. Here, my expectations extend beyond academic progression; I anticipate holistic growth through hands-on experiences, ensuring I’m thoroughly prepared for the journey ahead in my future career.


Beyond academics and work, I intend to capitalize on weekends and holidays to immerse myself in Manchester’s culture and scenic locales. Exploring the city’s history, and visiting museums, art galleries, and historical landmarks are high on my list. Moreover, I’m eager to participate in local festivals, celebrations, and cultural events to gain firsthand insight into the local lifestyle and traditions.

Furthermore, I hope to explore other cities in the UK and even venture into European countries during my holidays. With Manchester serving as a bustling transport hub, the well-connected transport network facilitates my exploration of diverse destinations. I am enthusiastic about embracing different cultures during my travels and savoring the unique customs of countries like France and Spain.

In essence, my year in Manchester embodies a harmonious blend of study, work, and travel. I eagerly anticipate personal growth, enriching experiences, and relishing the vibrant tapestry of life in the city and its surroundings.

Written by Hongyue, current MSc Climate Change: Science, Society and Solutions student at The University of Manchester