Patient and public involvement and engagement (PPIE)

An eight-member INForMHAA PPIE panel has been formed to address this project’s service user involvement and engagement to work with the research team. The core members are a mixture of service users and carers who have had direct experience of Mental Health Act Assessments using spoken/signed language interpreters. There are various language/cultural profiles represented in this group Spoken/signed language interpreters are provided for all panel members throughout the duration of the project.

The panel members will receive six short training sessions on being an effective panel member before getting involved in the project. Once training has been received, they will advise on project data collection design by sharing personal experiences; be involved in data collection (observe simulated Mental Health Act Assessments with interpreters and provide feedback) alongside research team members and have the opportunity to take part in the dissemination of the research results (co-authoring, advise/comment on findings for reports, present the findings).