Project objectives

Principal research question 

How does interpreter mediation impact on Mental Health Act Assessments and how can interpreter-mediated Mental Health Act Assessments be improved?  

Secondary research questions 

  1. To what extent and how does the involvement of a spoken/signed language interpreter in Mental Health Act assessments in England constrain or enable best AMHP practice?
  2. When might it be more appropriate to use language concordant services (e.g. language/cultural advocates) rather than interpreters within AMHP practice and how? 
  3. What constitutes an effective training model for AMHPs and professional interpreters? 
  4. What constitutes best practice in Mental Health Act assessments involving spoken/signed language interpreters from service user and practice professional perspectives?


  1. To explore and identify challenges and good practice in contemporary AMHP practice when assessment requires the involvement of a spoken and/or signed language interpreter.
  2. To develop, implement and evaluate a new joint training model with AMHPs, signed/spoken language interpreters and service users and carers to improve Mental Health Act assessment practice. 
  3. To develop best practice standards, guidance and support for their achievement in Mental Health Act assessments involving spoken/signed language interpreters, AMHPs and service users and carers.