The retelling of the stories of 24 University of Manchester undergraduate students, who were killed as a direct result of their service in WWI and WWII.

St Anselm Hall is a small and inclusive student community. Founded in 1907, the Hall’s ethos is built on long held values of engagement and community, with alumni, pastoral staff, and undergraduate residents working together in pursuit of a supportive, value-added student experience.

The St Anselm Hall Interdisciplinary Research Group, led by Roxanne McKinnon (PGT student in SALC) and Father Hugh Bearn (Chaplain of Hall and to the Association, member of the Royal Household, and a Faculty alum), and composed of engaged members of the Junior Common Room, brought together findings from Hall, regional, regimental, and school archives, online resources, as well as making connections with groups across Greater Manchester. Floreat: The Fallen is a book that collates and retells the stories of the 24 student soldiers from St Anselm Hall who died in WWI and WWII, giving these individuals an identity and a prominent place in our Hall, and wider University memory.

This project grew from the large scale renovation of the St Anselm Hall Chapel and Hall Archive. Following 12 months of hard work, fund raising, and events, Floreat: The Fallen encapsulates the engagement of the Junior Common Room and alumni, as well as our shared values of community, collegiality, and integrity.

100 copies of Floreat: The Fallen were printed, and within 3 weeks, 75 have been sold. A leather bound copy of the book was laid in the Floreat cabinet during a Remembrance service on 6 November 2019. 101 guests and residents attended the event, including the Lord Mayor of Manchester, Lord Lieutenant of Manchester, the University’s Registrar and Director of the Student Experience, various senior alumni, family members of the fallen, parish members of Tottington, and the Lancashire Artillery Band.

One of the aims of the St Anselm Hall Interdisciplinary Research Group is to build our interdisciplinary academic community, and in this project, that has been realised. The project leads, Roxanne and Hugh, have been indispensable in driving the work and tying it to the School of Arts, Languages and Cultures.

Over the coming years, an alum or friend of hall will lay a wreath at every war grave of the fallen. Please see our interactive progress through the following link:

For more information and to connect with the project, please follow @slemshistory on Twitter.

Internal Partner(s): UG students, Hall Chaplain, Warden

External Partner(s): Alumni, Tottington Primary School, Cormar Carpets Tottington, Manchester Grammar School, Clitheroe Grammar School, Lancashire Artillery Band 

Funding source(s): Ballan Family, St Anselm Hall Association, St Anselm Hall Chapel, St Anselm Hall Junior Common Room Committee

Associated link(s):

Activity duration: 2019

Activity lead(s): Roxanne Mckinnon and Hugh Bearn

Activity submitted by: Ben Walker


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