This project aims to promote social justice and equality through the joint teaching of English and American literature and creative writing to UoM students and selected prison students in Hindley Prison, a Category C men’s prison in Wigan. It builds on work already being done in prisons by the Drama Department, through the longstanding Theatre in Prisons Project and by the Criminology Department’s Learning Inside programme. The course aims to offer UoM students and prison students in Hindley the opportunity to learn together and from each other through: exploring texts about the self in relation to society; discussing ideas with people who have different life experience; challenging prejudice and promoting equality and social justice; promoting better understanding across these divergent communities.

Internal Partner(s): EACW, with additional advice and input from TiPP and the Learning Criminology Inside programme

External Partner(s): HMP Hindley

Funding source(s): SALC Social Responsibility Funds

Project duration: Oct 2019-Jan 2020

Project lead(s): Ingrid Hanson