PlaceHistory Hulme & Greenheys Community History Day

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The PlaceHistory Hulme & Greenheys Community History Day is part of an ongoing project that aims to create a community-led archive of all the history projects in the Hulme and Greenheys neighbourhoods.

This History Day took place on 23 November 2019 between 11am – 6pm at the Old Abbey Taphouse where a group of grassroots historians, residents and academics organised a series of activities to better understand how the four waves of rapid redevelopment over the last 100 years have affected the Hulme and Greenheys communities, for better and worse.

The activities included an archeological surveying walk, talks on a wider variety of local history topics, and a free lunch open to all. Community members were invited to share their stories, learn how to research their histories, and to bring anything relating to the history of the area that they wanted to share with a wider audience such as photos, artifacts, memories. Furthermore, community members were invited to record oral histories to tell their story and have it documented by a trained historian.

For more details, please see the following blog post written by John Piprani (CAHAE, Place History collaborator) and the following post from Geeks for Social Change (project partner) with a full itinerary of the day’s events and activities. 

Internal Partner(s): 

Ahmed Iqbal Ullah Race Relations Centre

Oral Historian: Dr Mary Begley (Linguistics)

GPS team:
Irene Garcia Rovira (Archaeology Wales)
Jana Wendler (Geography)
Jamie Dillon Farrington (History)
Bob Hindley (Archaeology Alumni)
John Piprani (Archaeology Technician)

External Partner(s):

Elizabeth Faye 
Sylvia Kӧlling
David Rudlin, URBED
SuAndi OBE
Kay Welsh

Funding source(s): 

SALC Social Responsibility and Cultural Engagement

Associated link(s): 

Greenheys Community History Day

Project duration: 


Project lead(s): 

Dr. Kerry Pimblott, History, University of Manchester
Kim Foale, Geeks for Social Change
Rachele Evaarooa, Old Abbey Taphouse