Global week is coming

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Global Week is a fantastic programme of events run by the Students’ Union celebrating the vibrancy of the University’s Cultural Societies. Have a look below at what’s on!

Film Festival with Post-Screening Discussions

Monday 3rd February @ Various Venues, 6pm – 9pm – Free tickets available –  here.

Global Week’s Film Festival is a platform for the University’s cultural societies to use the power of film to headline topical discussions associated with their country/race/culture/traditions. There will be a number of film screenings across campus, hosted by each cultural society. Each film will be followed by a discussion. Come along to learn about and celebrate different cultures!

Myth Busting Night


Tuesday 4th February @ Manchester Academy 2, Student Union Building, 6pm to 8pm. Free tickets available – here

Interested in learning about other cultures? Come and join some of the University’s cultural societies as they share their traditions and bust some myths!


Festival of Music and Dance


Wednesday 5th February @ Manchester Academy One, Student Union Building, 6pm – 9pm. Free tickets available – here.

A showcase of different cultures through music and dance performances. There will also be an extra special guest performer – Daniel Adomako, the season four winner of Italia’s Got Talent!


Fashion Show


Thursday 6th February @ Manchester Museum – Living Worlds Gallery, 6:30pm  – 8:30pm. Free tickets available – here.  

A show celebrating the differences in what we wear and the meanings and reasons behind them!

Cultural societies will be showcasing these differences through a fashion shown, exploring fashion from around the World.

Daniel Adomako, the season four winner of Italia’s Got Talent, will also be performing as part of the show!


Food Show


Friday 7th February @ Manchester Students’ Union Exhibition Space, 3pm – 7pm. No tickets required – just come along!

Discover new tastes as the University’s Cultural societies sell and share their delicacies and cuisines. There will also be preparation tips if you want to try your hand at cooking the dishes at home!

For further information about Global Week or any of the above events, please contact the Students’ Union via the email address –