Got a research project coming up in semester 2?

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If you need resources that the Library does not hold, we will get them for you. Simply use the Order a Book and Order an Article services to get what you need easily – just fill in an easy online form on the Library website. These new services replace the previous Inter-Library Loan service and simplify the process for Library customers. Please note that while the Order a Book service is free, the Order an Article service incurs a £2 administration charge (which is easily payable online).

Manchester Digital Collections

Have you had a chance to look at the Manchester Digital Collections yet? This wonderful resource allows you to explore high-quality images of cultural collections and research projects at The University of Manchester as well as to manipulate these images, and view parallel display of text, audio and video content. Current collections include: Hebrew Manuscripts, Latin Manuscripts, Maps, Manchester Museum, Mary Hamilton Papers, Persian Manuscripts, Peterloo, Petrarch and The Whitworth, but more items and collections will be added in the coming months so keep an eye on the website!